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и американские мобильные IP адреса!


Все действия вунтри аккаунтов производятся через

официальное приложение Facebook последних версий!



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How to use

1. For accounts older than a month, the first login must be made by cookies, then from this ip-address you can work with api (otherwise the check for suspicious login will appear).

2. About 80-90% of successful work with accounts is quality PROXIES. The general rule is not to use datacenter proxies and ipv6 proxies (unless you know what you're doing). The best option is a private mobile proxy with the ability to reload the modem on demand. Choose from the most popular carriers, for the U.S. it is (in order of priority) Verizon, T-mobile, AT&T. You can also use resident proxies, but make sure to choose a good provider.

3. Successful login by username and password depends primarily on the proxy and secondarily on your browser. If you are logging in with cookies it is recommended to use a browser with the Chromium 100 or higher engine and use the attached useragent.

4. 90% of login errors (confirmation by mail, checkpoints for suspicious actions, wrong username or password, logging out some time after login) are caused by poor-quality proxies. In the case of an incorrect login or password error, it is most often a mismatch between the proxy's geo and the account's geo, use proxies whose geo is relevant to the account.