1. You have 24 hours to check the validity of the accounts. After this period, the return/replacement will not be possible.

2. Support has 24 hours to respond.

3. Sold valid goods are not replaceable.

4. Money-back or replacement guarantee only applies to the account (username/password pair). Invalid documents\email\token included with the account are not grounds for replacement.

5. Log in to accounts in the browser using the ip-address/proxy/VPN whose geo matches the geo of the account. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse a replacement.

6. In the case of authorization of accounts through any third-party services (dolphin, fbtool, etc), we have the right to refuse replacement.

7. When using third-party services (dolphin, fbtool, etc), authorize accounts not in bulk. Authorize accounts one by one. If you find invalid account, check the remaining accounts without logging in (by account id in the browser) and report to support.

8. Invalid email or no email is not grounds for account replacement.

9. Blocking an account after any of your actions after logging in (authorization) to your account, such as creating a Fan Page, transferring rights to a Fan Page, likes, subscriptions, editing a profile, and others is not grounds for account replacement.

10. The store does not sell hacked/stolen accounts.

11. The store does not sell accounts containing other people's personal information, including photos and videos. All data in the accounts is randomly generated, including photos of faces.

12. The store does not give advice on how to use the accounts. All available information is set out in the how to use section.