NPE Fan Page + Facebook social account (NPE FP, DOCS, TOKEN, COOKIES, USERAGENT)
Price: 1.18 $/pcs
In stock: 1192 pcs
ATTENTION: for accounts older than a month, the first login must be made by cookies, then from this ip-address you can work with api (otherwise the check for suspicious login will appear).

Prepared Facebook accounts for advertising.
Accounts are registered to email.
The billing country and currency are not changed.

Each account has at least 1 New Page Experiance Fan Page with cover and posts.

Most accounts have a limit of $50 after linking the credit card.
All accounts have an avatar picture, 2 generated doc pics to pass the check for identity verification, ad account created, the policy of non-discrimination accepted.
Token, cookies, useragent included.
Geo - US. Time zone - GMT -5:00 NY\LA.
Email access is not available.

Accounts delivery format: registration country, registration date, login, password, last name, first name, date of birth, profile id, ad account id, api token, link to docs, useragent, JSON cookies.