USA REINSTATED FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS, age is 10+ months (docs included, fan-page created, api token, cookies, policy accepted, avatar, cover)
Price: 6.21 $/pcs
In stock: 0 pcs
ATTENTION: for accounts older than a month, the first login must be made by cookies, then from this ip-address you can work with api (otherwise the check for suspicious login will appear).

Reinstated facebook accounts.

2 generated doc pics
Fan page with cover and posts
Policy of non-discrimination accepted
JSON cookies
Api token

Geo - US. Time zone - GMT -5:00 NY\LA. Email access is not available (you can link your email).

Accounts delivery format: registration country, registration date, login, password, last name, first name, date of birth, profile id, ad account id, api token, link to docs, useragent, JSON cookies.